Thursday, February 28, 2008

Enter the Octagon

I had the pleasure of touring a nearby state Historical Landmark this last summer, the Hill Octagon House, and was taken with it's beauty and design. Erected in 1854 and renovated to original appearance in recent years, it offers a tour of rambling Victorian-furnished rooms on beautifully situated grounds. Having hit the gift shop, I returned home with a book of its history and copies of the original floor plans.

These plans would come in handy when I decided recently to do my first large-scale build, and, after a few weeks time the structure was finished to my satisfaction, and finally furnished. Here then, is a virtual tour of the new seat of Abeldown, Greystoke, Caledon.

"Welcome, guests! Do come in."

The Parlour

The Dining Room

The Music Room

The Kitchen (with adjoining pantry)

The Washing room (also adjoining the kitchen)

The stairway leading to second, third levels and Cupola.

2nd Level- the Library

Another view of the Library

The Jungle Room (a reading room adjoining the Library)

The Study

Another view of the Study

The Main Bedroom

Another view of the Main Bedroom

The Washroom

Another view of the Washroom

The Dressing Room (adjoining the Washroom)

3rd Level - A Moroccan theme Gaming room

A Ladies Salon

The 1st of two Servant's Rooms

The Servant's Privy

The 2nd Servant's Room

Up the stairs to the Cupola

From the Air

The Structure was far from flawless, yet I learned a lot in it's building. Unfortunately, the conservation of prims is not my strong suit; and it ended up, when furnished, with very little room for any other growth in Greystoke, so it has been reluctantly put away. But I am content now that you have all had a chance to tour it, in a sense. Something else will arise in Greystoke, soon enough. Also, I have a new home in Harborside, and very special developments, attendant upon that, to report in my next journal...!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Caleversary 2

What a celebration it has been! Fortunately I was able to attend several parts of the festivities, and here are the obligatory pics!

First, at midnight monday/tuesday the 24-hour revelries commenced at my neighbor's castle, the manse of Lord Cymru:

The Guvnah himself attended and, at one point, assumed a clever but telling disguise-

Duchess Gloire was able to join for the next set of Waltzes, Lord Primbroke acting as Master of the Dances-

Upon my return to Middlsea the next day, I was delightfully surprised that I had stumbled on a prime viewing spot for the fireworks, joining Hotspur and noble company on his ship's platform-

At one point I decided to inspect one of the skyrockets before it lifted, and found myself hoisted in the air along with it! Luckily I returned to earth safe and sound, rejoining the company to enjoy the marvelous display.

The final hours of the celebration continued at Cymru, with music courtesy of Sir Zenmondo-

As Her Grace Gloire could not join me for the dance, the kind Miss Discovolante allowed me waltz to end out the evening and the festivities.

Here's a toast to Caledon on her anniversary- and to her next year, to her people and her Guvnah- good health and prosperity to each and ev'ry!