Thursday, June 14, 2007

Misc. Fashion Adventures

I would be remiss if I would not record a few of the fashion crazes that have late swept through Caledon and Steelhead, or at least journal a few of my experiences with the fads of the day, for instance-

Likely as a recruitment tool for the nascent Caledon navy, a Pirate-clothing craze swept through our lands some weeks ago, culminating in a wonderful ship-board ball, proceeds raised for charity, with some interesting offers volunteered to raise funds. I was able to attend the lively ball a short while, and as it was better documented elsewhere, will only touch on my misadventure..

As the crowd grew on deck, and my movement was jostled, I found myself reeling out of control..

..Ending up falling below-decks, where I continued dancing with a new freedom of space there in the Hold, cheerfully overhearing the conversation above! Miss Kiralette, wondering at my absence, was kind enough to come searching for me..

We ended up Jigging in the captain's room, his bed a springy sort, and comfier than the hard decks to our weary feet..

Another fashion popular is that of the Doll form. I decided to investigate, Kira and Darkling and Qli being avid fans, they had told me of a doll show up-coming. My snaps differ from theirs somewhat, so I wonder if I was at the same show, but here they are:

Lovely garments, well made and fashionable! I really don't see what all the Linden fuss is about.

Finally, a note on Hats.

It has been in vogue to don a new type of hat, that with a live animal worked in...I am happy to say I have joined the vanguard of this trend, as evidenced by the following group shot, where also Lady Kiralette shows off her bunny chapeau, and Lady Darkling a Crustacean creation-

Ah, the sacrifices to fashion! But my next chapeau -it may include a Turkey instead of chicken. Much more ornamental, I would think. If the style catches on, twill be easy to produce them, as we have a plentiful supply here in Kittiwickshire, it seems.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cold Dark of Day

In the smoky confines of the Champagne Room, onstage, the crooning rat-packer wannabee winds down his song as he achingly sustains a final note-

"Yes! Thank you!"

Scattered clapping greets the end of the song, as the performer gazes at the audience.
"Thank you..for that polite smattering, very kind!"
"Burt Bacharach has given us so many wonderful gifts, he's such a talented gentleman, and a dear personal friend of mine!"

"You're a great audience, I gotta tell ya! Now I'd like to continue my homage to the many themes of James Bond, or a section I call..choppin' Broccolli!, ho ho!"
He winks at a lady in the front row who stares back blankly, the joke lost.

"Er..Coughing up Fleming?..No?"

"Anyway, Here we go with a big number from the sixth movie "Cold Dark of Day" this was written for a dear personal friend of mine, I hope I may do it justice...."

As the strings swell the performer begins....

"Ty, you're very kind! (My tab is at the bar!)"