Monday, December 10, 2007

Consiel's Tale

One cold eve at the Abeldown Penguin Preserve, the gathered male penguins shiver in the dark while guarding their young charges, patiently awaiting the return of the hunting females. Tedium and the cold winds grip them, and one, The pengi Conseil, offers a diversion- to relate the tale of the conclusion of the Phillip expedition. This meets with acquiescent , if not enthusiastic, barks, so he sets about his task...

As darkness falls, the pengi sets up his Polyopticon and readies the plates of his travelogue

Conseil tells a tale of hardship, having discovered a vast inland sea below-ground his master and companions had set out on a make -shift raft to reach the far side. the journey proceeded several days, during which he witnessed battling Sea-Bunnehs, dangerous torrents and duels of double-entendre much beyond his understanding.

Yet when the rations ran short, he faced a greater danger, as glistening utensils were wielded by a peckish Baron, indifferent to endangered species laws under such circumstances.

A hasty retreat was in order, and with a splash, he parted from this company.

After some hours of swimming, climbing, and exploring, a vast cavern opened before for the lost pengi, and within, he found a large hard rock of human make. Cold, hard, and glittery, he drew near.

This was an object of human make, to be sure! He would mark it well for his companions to show his safety-

The cold human boulder burst in a fountain of flame and sparks!

The pengi felt the ground shake beneath him! Distant explosions reported throughout the caverns! Debris fell around him as he waddled quickly, finding a new rift in the wall as the rocks spilled away before him, he jumps into the sea and swims, swims!

Bursts of steam rise from the heating water as he swims to sea, minute upon minute drawing away from the loud crashes, hisses, and explosions behind him. Finally, some miles distant, and no longer feeling the sting of steam upon him, nor the fall of debris, he turns and watches, as the island bursts and boils from within, masses of rock falling into the sea.

Within minutes the explosions subside as the island slowly sinks beneath the water, the boiling Sea foam washing over as it descends.
Conseil worries for his companions, but turns home to Caledon, the threat of Phillip now gone.

Conseil relates how all who journeyed to the island came back safely, to heroe's welcomes, and he was most happy to see his master safe and sound again. A bin of Tuna was delivered to him soon after, as reward for his actions; and how, in further reward, safe unburdened residence was granted by the new Duke on his duchy for all pengikind.
Conseil puffs up and chokes back a tear of pride.

Suddenly a request is heard from the crowd of pengis:

Conseil shrugs assent and opens another pack of slides......

( Also, apparently I've been "Tagged " several times by the following-
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So, here are the facts about the writer:
1. I am the son of Beatniks. One a poet/painter, and the other a folk-singer. They knew and disliked Bobby Zimmerman. My Mother would sing me to sleep as a child with songs about houses made of "ticky-tacky" and spanish revolution songs.
2. I 'm not very religious, though have read a number of rare mystical tomes for enjoyment and cultural insight.
3. My favorite autographs are: bloody palm stains from Penn and Teller on an early Skeptical Enquirer article written by them, and a bar napkin signed by Robyn Hitchcock from a bar long since burned down.
4. I did Medieval recreation for a long time, but do it less now as I work weekends and eves. My focus was 14th Century France. In one organization I attained noble rank, and gained skill with medieval weapons.
5. I ventured to Panama for business for 6 weeks once, and found a heaven on earth at El Valle de Anton. Lush gardens in a former volcanic basin, a zoo, hotsprings, etc. Given a choice, it is where I would someday retire to.
6. I'm a film fan, loving classic 40's through modern; love all types of music, having a large collection.
7. I read mostly non-fiction, formerly medieval, now more victorian. Lately, I am re-reading an account of the war of 1812. (eyes Canajians out there warily.)
8. I have a stuffed plush leopard named Leppo I rescued from a stand at Disney's Animal Kingdom. He sits next to me as I type, inspiring much mayhem as Gnarli-Kitty.
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